Ancient advice for improving Bloggers

Posted by Mark Ward on Saturday, April 6, 2019

Reading How to Think Like a Roman Emperor by Donald Robertson and came across this advice from Diogenes which resonated with me as I continue on my journey to become a better writer. You can also check my fuller review of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

  1. Correct grammar and good vocabulary
  2. Clarity of expression, making ideas easily understood
  3. Conciseness, employing no more words than necessary
  4. Appropriateness of style, suited to the subject matter and apparently also to the audience
  5. Distinction, or artistic excellence, and the avoidance of vulgarity

How to Think like a Roman Emperor, Donald Robertson

These are probably the most concise set of principles I’ve come across. Ready to note these down and keep them handy! My journey also focuses strongly on progress not perfection. If I can make each post 1% better than the previous one, then I’m getting there.

What are your go-to principles for improvement?