A reminder that often listening, observing and contemplating is the correct action. How are we to learn if we always speak. When situations arise, often the ‘season for silence’ allows us to gather the right amount of knowledge and take … Read the rest “Listening”


Curb your ego

Does ego work with us or against us? Friend or foe on our journey through life?

Ego or something else?

Being egotistical is often thrown outwards towards others. Often ego in that context is mistaken for outwards selfishness rather than … Read the rest “Ego”

What about love?

Aphrodite Carlos Delgado [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Is love the most sought after and most misunderstood of human connection?

Since the earliest of written word, poets, philosophers and writers have entangled themselves in the quest to capture the essence of love. Love has a wide range of … Read the rest “What about love?”