Evolved inspired

Evolved Inspired

Embrace your Mortality

Ready to embrace mortality? The concept of death and mortality has likely created fear and confusion since the first Homo Sapiens walked the earth. As a species that kills for food with ease, we have a level of denial and discomfort of our own mortality. Early philosophy offers a freeing insight into how embracing the reality of our short stay can bring contentment to our life. Western society generally avoids active discussion on our own mortality.

The greatest delusion?

What really gets in the way of contentment for the average human as we navigate our way through our life? Stoic and Buddhist philosophy throw some similar themes into the mix. Even Mick Jagger hit it on the head in with a hit record. My reflection is the combination of the illusion of permanence (things will always be so) and a denial of our mortality are intrinsically linked and a great cause of the reason we ‘Can’t get no satisfaction’ (Thanks Mick)

Two ears one mouth

We have been given two ears and but a single mouth in order that we may hear more and talk less. – Zeno of Citium My interpretation of this particular quote is a personal focus for the next week or two. Ever had that realisation you are doing more talking than listening? Or that you aren’t quite as open to other ideas as you think? Particularly when deadlines are tight, the pressure is on and your the one accountable for getting a solution across the line.