Evolved Inspired

Evolved Inspired

M20 September 2022

Pleased with this image of M20 also known as the Trifid Nebula. Still some bloat on Stars, will try combining SVBony IR/Cut filter with the SVbony CLS on next attempt. Roughly 3hrs of data, stacked and background normalised in AstroPixelProcessor. No Flats, Bias of Dark Frames used with this one as it’s the first go with the SVBony CLS and didn’t have chance to prep.

NGC4945 August 2022

Challenged with a moonlit sky but a new camera to get familiar with (QHY533C) the target NGC4945 provided a reasonable target. I have been experiencing some star ‘bloat’, however realising the .75 reducer increases the back-focus requirement to 80mm I’m hoping to fix that shortly when some extension tubes arrive. The QHY533c from sensor to plate is 17.5mm of back-focus, so just around 62mm of back-focus to find. NGC4945 or Caldwell 83 is a spiral galaxy within the Centaurus constellation in the southern sky

Southern Pinwheel August 2022

The Southern Pinwheel galaxy (M83) is found in the southern skies. It’s a pleasing target and despite an alomost full Moon I’m pleased with the first attempt at this target. I’m having some star bloat which is likely because I’m awaiting some extension tubes to get the backfocus between the .75 reducer and the QHY533c to 80mm.

Is the Agile Manifesto Still Relevant

Change Management Introduction to Change

Defining Change Management Change Management is the process of managing the people side of change. Projects can delivery on time on budget yet still fail due to poor user adoption of the change. A focus on managing people through change helps achieve the goal and objectives of the project causing the change. Poorly executed change reduces employee and organisation capacity for future change. Poor change management can lead to poor engaged staff, low moral, staff turnover and poor organisation performance.

Change Management Sponsors and Stakeholders

What’s the difference between Sponsors and Stakeholders? It’s common for Change Projects to either overlook the need, or to mix the roles of sponsors and stakeholders. This can lead to confusion and missed opportunities to assist project adoption. Project Sponsor The Sponsor is the person accountable to the project change, if the change project succeeds, they should lead the celebration, if the project fails, they hold ultimate accountability for the failure.

Change Management Overview

What is Change Management? Organisations, teams and departments have visions, plans and objectives for how they want operate in the future. These plans may be to become more digital, remove paper processes or change services offerings. These visions are very unlikely to come to fruition on their own. Change Management, succinctly put is a structured process to enable the desired future state to become the current state. Essentially an approach to create the desired future state.