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Change Management People Response Models

Understanding Response to Change When presented with significant change, people go though cycles of responses to the change. People move through the cycles at differing rates and can also take a step backwards. The backwards step sometimes occurs when new information about the change is learnt. Equally with more new information about the change people can move through the cycle more rapidly. Response to change is emotional, over time acceptance and rational or logical thinking may lead to acceptance of the change.

Best Heart Rate for Endurance and Speed

The 180 Heart rate formula created by Phil Maffetone has revolutionised thinking in heart rate training for speed, endurance, health and fitness. Maffetones 180 formula was pivotal in returning triathlete, and ironman Mark Allan to winning form to an outstanding six Ironman wins and a streak of 21 event victories. Maffetone Method step by step Calculate your MAF maximum aerobic heart rate using the formula below Perform and initial MAF test (see article below) to establish your baseline Train regularly without exceeding your MAF maximum aerobic heart rate Consider rest and nutrition essential to your health and fitness Repeat the MAF test every one to two months to track progress.

How to live like Wim Hof

Wim Hof, The Iceman, the enigma and world record holder. How does a 60-year-old Wim perform to this level and inspire others into their greater potential? Wim Hof is mostly recognised for his cold endurance and cold immersion techniques.  With his direct no-nonsense presentation technique, as you move a little more into the world of Wim, you quickly come across his breathing techniques and bold health claims. Read on to learn how to live like Wim Hof.

How to live like a Stoic in 4 steps

What can a 2,000-year-old philosophy do to help us thrive in the 21st century? Stoicism is a very practical way of thinking with a number of techniques that can not only help us cope, but help us thrive and grow. Let’s see if we can learn how to live like a Stoic in 4 steps. Surprisingly the Stoic approach to daily life is a great way to more contentment, happiness and some may say a more purposeful life.

CVE-2021-3156 Sudo

Time to patch. Sudo vulnerability allows attackers to gain root privileges on Linux systems (CVE-2021-3156)

Notes: The Art of Invisibility

This is the first section of key takeaway notes from The Art of Invisibility by Kevin Mitnik, a compelling source of information for a one wanting to understand the risks of not considering privacy online. Not just reserved for the Snowden’s of the world, it is a great read to help understand how your online accounts or identity can be used or stolen. These are essentially pen-notes for myself, rather than narrative on the topics covered.

Summary of Mindfulness Benefits

Mindfulness has been a great focus of research over the last couple fo decades. That said, the scientific research is lacking in rigour in some areas. Here are a few largely held believes on the benefits of Mindfulness. Improved well-being A habit of mindfulness creates a general improvement in well-being. The ability to consciously absorb more of what is happening in each moment leads to a greater sense of fulfilment and appreciation of events, people and achievements.