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A Runners Guide to Seasonal Illness

Early into my Ultra training I hit a mid-week cold and headache, bronchitis is floating around the workspace. Hopefully a speedy recovery, but not a week to hit the hard efforts (either pace or distance). Focussed on mobility, a light gym-work so far to try and recover quickly and get back on track. Here is a guide and some thoughts on dealing with differing seasonal illnesses - none of this is medical advice, be a grown up and seek proper qualified guidance!

Maffetone for Beginners

Maffetone Training Method for Beginners - Smarter, Healthier Running In the world running, there are countless training philosophies and methodologies aimed at optimizing performance, enhancing endurance, and preventing injury. The Maffetone Training Method. Named after its creator, Dr. Philip Maffetone, this training method emphasizes a holistic approach to fitness, prioritizing health and long-term development over immediate performance gains. The Philosophy Behind the Maffetone Training Method Purists will perhaps split-hairs here, but 80/20 Training and Maffetone are largely the same philosophy with nuances on detail and in particular how to calculate the aerobic running heart rate.

Discovering the Potential Benefits of Minimal Shoes

Discovering the Potential Benefits of Minimal Shoes Minimal shoes go through cycles of popularity. These lightweight, flexible shoes aim to replicate the natural feel of walking or running barefoot while providing some protection against the elements. But what are the potential benefits of switching to minimal shoes? Let’s explore how these shoes can impact your health, performance, and overall well-being. As a regular minimal shoe wearer for both running, gym and everyday activity, I find minimal shoes to be a comfortable and healthy choice of footwear.

Get Out for a Morning Walk

Another week and another dawn walk complete. Finishing up a busy week of work and training with a relaxing walk (before or after the morning coffee!), is a great way to wrap up the week. A cold one in New Zealand, plenty of frost around and a perfectly clear and starry sky. Morning view - EvolvedInspired Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of an early morning walk. Is lacing up your walking shoes, stepping outside, and taking a deep breath of fresh, crisp air worth sacrificing the weekend lie-in?

Hill Training Not Just for Younger Runners

Older (choose your own definition here!) runners have a tendency to slip into zone 3 running. Avoiding harder intensity runs as they feel their peak performance is behind them. This is the opposite of what we runners should do as we age, sure we may be a little slower and need to prioritise smart recovery, but doing the hard workouts and throwing in some resistance training is key to combating and reducing age related reduction of muscular strength and mass, hard intensity runs along with resistance training are essential tools.

80 / 20 Training for Older Athletes

As we age, our approach to fitness and running needs to evolve to accommodate our changing bodies and energy levels. One training philosophy that has gained traction among older runners is the 80 / 20 training method. This approach, emphasises a balance between easy and hard workouts offering numerous benefits for those looking to maintain their running performance and overall health. Understanding 80 / 20 Training The 80 / 20 training method, popularized by running coach Matt Fitzgerald, advocates that 80% of your workouts should be performed at a low intensity, while the remaining 20% should be at a high intensity.

Best Heart Rate for Endurance and Speed

The 180 Heart rate formula created by Phil Maffetone has revolutionised thinking in heart rate training for speed, endurance, health and fitness. Maffetones 180 formula was pivotal in returning triathlete, and ironman Mark Allan to winning form to an outstanding six Ironman wins and a streak of 21 event victories. Maffetone Method step by step Calculate your MAF maximum aerobic heart rate using the formula below Perform and initial MAF test (see article below) to establish your baseline Train regularly without exceeding your MAF maximum aerobic heart rate Consider rest and nutrition essential to your health and fitness Repeat the MAF test every one to two months to track progress.