Evolved inspired

Evolved Inspired

Best Heart Rate for Endurance and Speed

The 180 Heart rate formula created by Phil Maffetone has revolutionised thinking in heart rate training for speed, endurance, health and fitness. Maffetones 180 formula was pivotal in returning triathlete, and ironman Mark Allan to winning form to an outstanding six Ironman wins and a streak of 21 event victories. Maffetone Method step by step Calculate your MAF maximum aerobic heart rate using the formula below Perform and initial MAF test (see article below) to establish your baseline Train regularly without exceeding your MAF maximum aerobic heart rate Consider rest and nutrition essential to your health and fitness Repeat the MAF test every one to two months to track progress.

New Zealand Juggling and Circus festival

Aongatete a short ride from Tauranga hosted a wealth of local, national and international participants in New Zealand’s annual Juggling and Circus Festival. As a first-timer (and new to juggling full stop!!) I’ll fondly remember the festival as one of the most friendly and inclusive festivals I’ve attended. 4 full on days and nights of hanging out and being inspired by a wealth of talented people and a good amount of beginners along the way.

Journey to a Juggler

Late 2018 the family got involved in a local circus school. Seeing the amount of fun, failure and success they had really challenged my ‘too old to learn’ thinking. So I had to give juggling a serious try! No shortcuts I quickly found the core reason for my early (younger) failures at attempting to juggle. Rushing to throw 3 balls around while frantically trying to catch them isn’t the way.