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Evolved Inspired

Improving your Blog with Grammarly Free and Premium

There is much more to excellent blog writing than your browser’s spellchecker. WordPress options are limited. Grammarly Free (or Premium) results in a massive improvement in the written quality of your WordPress site for both human visitors and search engines. I have to admit a significant degree of scepticism on my part to the various advertisements for Grammarly over the past several months. After starting with Grammarly Free, I realized I’d wrongly based this judgment on other (looking at you Word auto-complete and spell-check!

Sharesies – everything you need to know

Kiwi investment platform Sharesies provides easy to use investing removing the barriers to investing found elsewhere. No minimum investment amount is a key feature that attracts young New Zealanders to the investment platform. Kiwi company Sharesies has created an almost zero barrier method of investing for New Zealanders. Sharesies has received a number of recent updates, so let’s get into Sharesies – everything you need to know. Since 2016 Sharesies has brought something new to investing for Kiwis.

How to Think Like a Roman Emperor Audiobook

If you haven’t worked your way through the print version yet, great news! How to Think Like a Roman Emperor is available as an audio-book, have to say hearing the Scottish accent suits the book completely. If you haven’t already you can read my pre-review of How to Think like a Roman Emperor

How to Think like a Roman Emperor

Donald Robertson’s latest book How to Think like a Roman Emperor is an exciting and unique mix. We have many books on the life of Marcus Aurelius and separately his Stoicism mainly from Meditations. In How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius, Donald combines both to give context as well as guidance. Robertson starts with an introduction to Marcus Aurelius, his birth in 121 A.

$5 Route to Financial Independence for New Zealand millennials?

Update September 2021: Sharesies have dropped the Monthly/Annual fee and have introduced transaction fees. This a a significant reason why I have moved investments elsewhere. Unfortunately support couldn’t recognise the issue in double dipping for a customer who has paid over the years to then also have to pay to withdraw investments. for smally investments, Sharesies is likely still a good platform ,but remember you’ll have to pay to get sell your investments.


Tony Robbins is normally pretty high on my cringe-meter. So it took a fair amount of procrastination to get into his financial book Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook. Thankfully the willpower winning out was a good move. It took only the first chapter for me to ‘hear and see’ grinning, fist-bumping Tony as I read further. The book is a game of two halves as a soccer fan would say. The first section is firmly on a collection of wise approaches to finance from Tony’s interviews with the worlds financial greats.

The Happiness Equation

A great follow on from the recent reading of Unshakeable. This time its Neil Pasricha with one of my favourite reads so far in 2019 The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything. Thankfully the lessons in the book are simpler than the title! Want to know how to create some happiness, understand burnout and have a handful of common sense concepts – Neil calls them ‘secrets’, but we’ll forgive him!