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Change Management Introduction to Change

Defining Change Management Change Management is the process of managing the people side of change. Projects can delivery on time on budget yet still fail due to poor user adoption of the change. A focus on managing people through change helps achieve the goal and objectives of the project causing the change. Poorly executed change reduces employee and organisation capacity for future change. Poor change management can lead to poor engaged staff, low moral, staff turnover and poor organisation performance.

Change Management Sponsors and Stakeholders

What’s the difference between Sponsors and Stakeholders? It’s common for Change Projects to either overlook the need, or to mix the roles of sponsors and stakeholders. This can lead to confusion and missed opportunities to assist project adoption. Project Sponsor The Sponsor is the person accountable to the project change, if the change project succeeds, they should lead the celebration, if the project fails, they hold ultimate accountability for the failure.

Change Management Overview

What is Change Management? Organisations, teams and departments have visions, plans and objectives for how they want operate in the future. These plans may be to become more digital, remove paper processes or change services offerings. These visions are very unlikely to come to fruition on their own. Change Management, succinctly put is a structured process to enable the desired future state to become the current state. Essentially an approach to create the desired future state.

Change Management People Response Models

Understanding Response to Change When presented with significant change, people go though cycles of responses to the change. People move through the cycles at differing rates and can also take a step backwards. The backwards step sometimes occurs when new information about the change is learnt. Equally with more new information about the change people can move through the cycle more rapidly. Response to change is emotional, over time acceptance and rational or logical thinking may lead to acceptance of the change.

CVE-2021-3156 Sudo

Time to patch. Sudo vulnerability allows attackers to gain root privileges on Linux systems (CVE-2021-3156)

Notes: The Art of Invisibility

This is the first section of key takeaway notes from The Art of Invisibility by Kevin Mitnik, a compelling source of information for a one wanting to understand the risks of not considering privacy online. Not just reserved for the Snowden’s of the world, it is a great read to help understand how your online accounts or identity can be used or stolen. These are essentially pen-notes for myself, rather than narrative on the topics covered.