Evolved inspired

Evolved Inspired

New Zealand Juggling and Circus festival

Aongatete a short ride from Tauranga hosted a wealth of local, national and international participants in New Zealand’s annual Juggling and Circus Festival. As a first-timer (and new to juggling full stop!!) I’ll fondly remember the festival as one of the most friendly and inclusive festivals I’ve attended. 4 full on days and nights of hanging out and being inspired by a wealth of talented people and a good amount of beginners along the way.

Journey to a Juggler

Late 2018 the family got involved in a local circus school. Seeing the amount of fun, failure and success they had really challenged my ‘too old to learn’ thinking. So I had to give juggling a serious try! No shortcuts I quickly found the core reason for my early (younger) failures at attempting to juggle. Rushing to throw 3 balls around while frantically trying to catch them isn’t the way.