Evolved inspired

Evolved Inspired

$5 Route to Financial Independence for New Zealand millennials?

Update September 2021: Sharesies have dropped the Monthly/Annual fee and have introduced transaction fees. This a a significant reason why I have moved investments elsewhere. Unfortunately support couldn’t recognise the issue in double dipping for a customer who has paid over the years to then also have to pay to withdraw investments. for smally investments, Sharesies is likely still a good platform ,but remember you’ll have to pay to get sell your investments.


Tony Robbins is normally pretty high on my cringe-meter. So it took a fair amount of procrastination to get into his financial book Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook. Thankfully the willpower winning out was a good move. It took only the first chapter for me to ‘hear and see’ grinning, fist-bumping Tony as I read further. The book is a game of two halves as a soccer fan would say. The first section is firmly on a collection of wise approaches to finance from Tony’s interviews with the worlds financial greats.