Evolved inspired

Evolved Inspired

The greatest delusion?

What really gets in the way of contentment for the average human as we navigate our way through our life? Stoic and Buddhist philosophy throw some similar themes into the mix. Even Mick Jagger hit it on the head in with a hit record. My reflection is the combination of the illusion of permanence (things will always be so) and a denial of our mortality are intrinsically linked and a great cause of the reason we ‘Can’t get no satisfaction’ (Thanks Mick)

Journey to a Juggler

Late 2018 the family got involved in a local circus school. Seeing the amount of fun, failure and success they had really challenged my ‘too old to learn’ thinking. So I had to give juggling a serious try! No shortcuts I quickly found the core reason for my early (younger) failures at attempting to juggle. Rushing to throw 3 balls around while frantically trying to catch them isn’t the way.