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Evolved Inspired

Mental Health and Mental Illness

What is the difference between mental illness and mental health? I had the pleasure of attending a recent workshop and one of the first topics brought up was the concept of mental illness versus mental health. Surprisingly often used interchangeably the two terms have a very different meaning. We all have mental health, we don’t all have a mental illness. We have mental health in the same way we have physical health.


Does ego work with us or against us? Friend or foe on our journey through life? Ego or something else? Being egotistical is often thrown outwards towards others. Often ego in that context is mistaken for outwards selfishness rather than being about true ego. Equally if someone goes about their business with certainty or confidence they can be mistaken for being ego-driven. It seems easy to wrongly categorise externals with the ego label.

Worse than anger?

Anger hurts, and anger hurts us back. What could possibly be a worse sentiment to carry than anger? You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger – Buddha Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned – Buddha Anger hurts, there are few arguments to the contrary in either ancient or modern philosophy.

What about love?

Is love the most sought after and most misunderstood of human connection? Since the earliest of written word, poets, philosophers and writers have entangled themselves in the quest to capture the essence of love. Love has a wide range of interpretation and regard, from the true single purpose of life to the silly pastime of the young or weak-minded. Love has provoked the most horrific of revenge and the most endearing of self-sacrifice.

Embrace your Mortality

Ready to embrace mortality? The concept of death and mortality has likely created fear and confusion since the first Homo Sapiens walked the earth. As a species that kills for food with ease, we have a level of denial and discomfort of our own mortality. Early philosophy offers a freeing insight into how embracing the reality of our short stay can bring contentment to our life. Western society generally avoids active discussion on our own mortality.

The greatest delusion?

What really gets in the way of contentment for the average human as we navigate our way through our life? Stoic and Buddhist philosophy throw some similar themes into the mix. Even Mick Jagger hit it on the head in with a hit record. My reflection is the combination of the illusion of permanence (things will always be so) and a denial of our mortality are intrinsically linked and a great cause of the reason we ‘Can’t get no satisfaction’ (Thanks Mick)

New Zealand Juggling and Circus festival

Aongatete a short ride from Tauranga hosted a wealth of local, national and international participants in New Zealand’s annual Juggling and Circus Festival. As a first-timer (and new to juggling full stop!!) I’ll fondly remember the festival as one of the most friendly and inclusive festivals I’ve attended. 4 full on days and nights of hanging out and being inspired by a wealth of talented people and a good amount of beginners along the way.